Snow Boarding


Learn by following a Two-Time World Ski Champion in over 70 drills designed to give you the skills and ability to snowboard with confidence and get over that normally brutal learning process.

And do it all WITHOUT FALLING!   Scroll down & watch Armen in action his first day.



Even experts learn more. Expanding your abilities and increasing endurance are just some of the benefits associated with our training system.



Get out of that intermediate rut. These drills are designed to teach you the right way to ride and move you out of those bad habits and up to the next level.



Armen Chakmakian takes a run his first day on the snow after 7 training sessions at Virtual Snow. Watch him switch from heel edge to toe edge, switch from regular to goofy, avoid other riders, command his own course and stop at will. ALL ON HIS FIRST DAY ON THE SNOW!

Dear Virtual Snow, 

Check out this video! This is after doing a package of lessons with and training with "Bad Bob" Salerno.

I went up to Mt. High on a Sunday morning and worked with Dan for my private lesson. After 45 minutes with him, he said I'm ready to go up on the lift. Everything was coming so easy to me. The muscle memory kicked in and I got used to being on the snow pretty quickly! I call it "getting my snow legs." 

We did 3 runs down the beginner hill, had lunch, then did 3 more runs down the intermediate hill. Check it out dude - I never wiped out on this run! As a matter of fact, you'll notice a recovery move AND I'm riding switch!! I got so used to training to ride both ways at Virtual Snow, that I really wasn't thinking about whether to ride goofy or regular. 

By the way, the training for getting on and off the lift was totally helpful. I got on and off 6 times without falling. Pretty good for a 42-year-old dude's first time on the snow with his board, isn't it? :-) 

Remember, this is on a Sunday when it's pretty crowded up there. So off the lift there were always bodies on the ground I had to avoid. The 6th time down the hill, Dan said I was ready to do jumps. 

Throughout the day I was really comfortable and came home with no bruises. One thing that I noticed was that my stamina was greater than I thought it would be. It had built up while working on the machines - so I wasn't exhausted while on the slopes and I could've kept boarding if I wasn't going to come home to watch the Super Bowl. 

So all in all, I'd call this a total success for us. I want to thank you guys at Virtual Snow for helping train me in a very short time for an activity that I now have for the rest of my life, and helping me do it the easy way - without getting banged up and bruised and without falling on my butt and face time after time (that's how my friends learned, and they still don't board the right way).

You guys rock! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!